Things to do in the summer.

Summer is fast approaching, and this year, I hope to not be inside for most of it. Despite the hot hot heat, I hope to get outside, and frollick, at least at night.

Maybe I'll spend some really good quality time under the stars, just looking up and wondering how everyone I love is doing, wherever they may be.

I want to lay down on the grass, and just stare until I'm too exhausted to keep my eyes open. I want to think, amidst the sound of chirping insects, and the rush of bold wind through the leafy trees that whistle, and sing to me. That's where Ill come up with some of my greatest nighttime poetry, and my deepest thoughts. Or I'll just reflect the day in my relaxation.

Yes, this year, I anticipate summer. I won't spend the whole time sitting back, and letting time slip away from me. This year, I will spend as much time with friends as possible. I will take back the night.

This is going to be the greatest summer ever. I have so many places to visit, and be.
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I thought I'd put a real post, now! ^_^

I think Ill write about my happy place- the place I go when times are tough, or when I just want to be somewhere fantastic. I've written about this in my journal before, but I thought 'why not share it here?'

It's in the middle of a forested area, where wind blows strong through flowered trees, making the sound of waves lapping against the shore of a beach. A sea of trees. Amidst the grand foliage, almost spectral in it's radiance, is a clearing. A stone sits within, for weary travellers in need of rest, or who just want to stay and regard the scenery.
There are NO mosquitos, or bitey insects of any kind. There are butterflies in plenty, which generally stay near the trees, and look like falling petals when they flutter in the clearing. Petals do fall, and continue to blow freely. Magnolia petals especially season the air like a colourful, fragrant snow.
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Newbie me!

Hi! My name is Rachel!
I was looking for a community to join. Ive been searching for a quite some time for one that I thought would suit me.
This one looks really sweet.
Im no stranger to daydreaming. Most of my waking hours are spent in fantasy. I hope to share some with you all, and make some friends while I am at it, maybe.

Im pretty optimistic, so everything I post will be as positive as I can make it. ^_^
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Name is Ron. Probably one of the oldest if not the oldest member here. My dream is to hopefully find love one day.
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No one's posted much. So I decided I'd tell about how wonderful my summer has been.

I went to band camp. It's about 6 days long. You have to audition. Soooo...I auditioned...and I found out I got First Chair in the High Band!!! It was awesome. Then I auditioned for Honors Recital. Which is where you play a piece, and you have the chance of getting into this recital in which skilled people all play. I got in!! YAY! And then at the end of the week the bands give a concert. And I won a full scholarship to go back to High-School Band Camp next year!!!

:) I'm so happy. Talk about warm-fuzzies, huh?

And...I'm going horse-back riding with all my friends next week. And another best-friend is sleeping over that same week...and life has been going very well lately.

What's been going on with you lovelies lately? Care to tell about your summer??

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Hey Everybody:). Im new and this community is very cute, especially great because I am in love. Its really hard to even begin on how in love I am because words just cant even begin to explain. We have so many of those moments you know? Like, things that nobody will ever see or no about. I know him inside and out, hes my soul mate, and my best friend and life witout him wouldnt be living. Well one day this week when exams are done I will write a huge thing about us. Hes helping me study tommorow night. *sigh haha. Umm well goodbye dreamers.

Dont you love when they tickle your back and play with your hair and you could just fall asleep?

Farewell Beautifuls
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Well... Change of plans

The creator of this community asked me to post a letter I recieved from my boyfriend Saturday. I was goin to, but in all actuality the idea of posting that kinda of letter in the internet seems a little too much like a betrayal to me. His letters have become a part of his soul, and to broadcast the little he shares with me just doesn't feel right. So instead of his letter I will share a little of our story, which in all actuality may take a while...

Let's see... I met Ryan, my boyfriend, when I was I think 13. I was at my best friend's birthday party. I had noticed him on and off all night, but another friend had gotten her hands, literally ALL over him. So, not being the aggresive type bowed out for the night. Later on, when the rest of the party crew had gone home, introductions were made between the two of us, I don't know exactly the best way to explain this, but there was just a split second when our eyes locked and something deep inside my soul told me he would be a huge part of my life.

Well, I went into high school the next year ('99). He was a rebel senior, and I was the inocent freshman, who mistakenly fell in love with an uncapturable man. We dated twice that year, neither times lasting very long at all.

In the next couple of years we dated a couple more times and our friendship at least began to bolossom, somewhat. Unfortunately I was oblivious to the fact that he was in way over his head into drugs. He had also begun to see a girl 6 years younger than him. Her name ~ Kenli. Kenli and I never did get along very well. For whatever reason she always felt threatened to me. This was something I did not understand at all, because she had literally seemed to poison his blood. Well eventually their relationship took a nasty turn, and they saw no feasible way out. With less than a month left on probation for a previous charge, Ryan and Kenli left town together. This, as you can imagine tore me up. You see the night before they took off Ryan had told me he was basically sick of living and just wanted to die, and when he first left I thought he was alone, and dead. I was actually releived to discover that Kenli was with him, at least that way I knew they were alive. Kenli had become another one of Ryan's drugs - something to help ease the pain of a past I still don't understand fully. Unfortunately she could do just about as much, if not more damage, to him as the drugs did.

In August of 2002, my senior year in high school, Ryan and Kenli were finally brought back home with the help of authorities from elsewhere. I hurt so very much for him then. I wanted him so bad to turn to the Lord and realize that the only way to truly stop hurting was to trust God. Ryan, did not see God then quite like I did. He knew he had lost everything after he came back home. He was in jail, he was forbidden to see this girl who had infiltrated his body, and he left a good life here at home behind. He had disappointed everyone around him, and given up on himself. Ryan decided to take his own life one afternoon, after a particularly nasty discussion with the local county judge. Thank God above that there recently had been new security cameras installed in the jail facilities at the local sheriff's office, and they were able to save him from a terrible terrible mistake. He was sent to a state security psychiatric hospital. All his time in jail Ryan wrote to me. He letters often filled with doubt, fear, and most of all abandonment.

Ryan finally got out of the county jail in April or May of 2003. He was placed in a half-way house located in a town an hour and a half away. He was glad to be out, but scared to death of himself too. His first couple weeks out were refreshing for him. He was still scared and upset, but he was surviving. Unfortunately it didn't take him a month before he found his way back to the drugs. The night before my high school graduation (which he had told me he wanted sorely to attend) Ryan took off for the second time, violating his probation, and half-way house rules again. He was high, and scared, and apparently upset that he could not see Kenli.

Of course I was just as upset that he took off this time as before. I worried and often cried myself to sleep praying to almighty God that he was ok. As a coping mechanism I decided to let go of all the love I had for Ryan, to just throw him to the dogs, where he always seemed to run anyway. All I had longed for is for him to run to me to God, but he never could and I was sick of believing that if I just stuck around long enough he would.

In June 2004 he was caught for the second time in New Mexico. He was high, and in possession of drugs and drug paraphenalia. Ryan had sent a letter to me through my best friend, before I had a chance to even read it I made up my mind to tell him off. He had brought me down with him, and I could no longer stand on my own two feet with him, so I decided to let him go.

Ryan wrote me a second time from down in New Mexico, this time I read it. His letter was filled with repentence and begged for my forgiveness. Although I was sceptical I couldn't just turn my back on it, for Ryan also said one other thing. He was praying. PRAYING!!! He had some how found faith.

In august 2003 I left for school in the big state of new york, 27 hours away from where Ryan was. We still kept in touch through letters. That december before I went home for Christmas break I recieved a letter from Ryan saying that he was finally in love with me, and that he wanted to be baptised. Of course this made me elated. We got back together then.

Ryan was sentenced that same month to ten years in New Mexico, 5 of which he would spend in a state prison. This was a difficult time for both of us. Somehow in the last 4 months we had grown closer than we imagined.

When Ryan was placed in the state prison he lost track of faith. I was worried and scared, but since he was still trying to keep his head up high I tried to keep my head up as well.

This past month Ryan was moved to the Christian's Unit of the prison (a desicion he requested). He has grown so strong in his faith their and the letter I recieved was written after he had a weekend full of Faith building. People he didn't know came in and really showed him the unconditional love of Christ. Something that Ryan, was in desperate need to be shown. He is doing better than I have EVER heard him. God has not only brought Ryan closer to him, but he has also helped our relationship reach new heights.

One of the things I had always longed for in a relationship was someone I could share a good devotional with. Someone I could sit and pray with and talk about how faithful God had been in our lives. Finally I found that in a man I have loved for 4.25 years now. I can do nothing but praise God.
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Hi, I'm New

Hi, I'm new here and I though this sounded like a lovely community.. My dreamsand hopes are quite simple although I've recently become somewhat disenchanted wiht it all, but I would like to 1) become a physician to cater to the elderly, 2) get married to my current bf and have his children, 3) be an awesome wife and a great parent, 4) have a good home in a nice neighborhood with WIDE OPEN SPACES, 4) and just have some stability in my life..

Currently I'm a college student ( a senior) and I've been dating my current SO for four years.. we're happy and serious.. we have our ups and downs.. but we truly love each other adn we're committed to making our relationship work.. as to actual dreams that i've had, I haven't had any that I could remember in a while.. when I can remember them, they usually are very interesting.. for example, i remember my snake dreams and the situations in my life at the times of those dreams, I remember my derams in black and white or sepia, i had two dreams where i was a man making love to a woman, i've had a bunch of weird animal dreams, adn i once had a dream where i felt and saw someone choking me.. then i woke up straining to breathe.. and it was just really interesting..

in any case, I can't wait to talk to all of u abotu all of ur hopes and dreams, etc.. ttyl..


h. <3
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My first post! It's so exciting!

I'm new! My name is Tirzah, and I'm a big day dreamer. I've got this journal I bought, and in there I write down all the dreams I have, and all the things I want to accomplish, and then mark them all off when I do accomplish them. Here I go with one of my biggest dreams/goals:

I want to be a famous flutist. I want to attend Juilliard. Obviously, I have a couple more years to wait, but that's OK, all the more time to improve my playing!

That's my first dream, I'm sure I'll post more later!

-tirzah ^_^
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