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Hi, I'm New

Hi, I'm new here and I though this sounded like a lovely community.. My dreamsand hopes are quite simple although I've recently become somewhat disenchanted wiht it all, but I would like to 1) become a physician to cater to the elderly, 2) get married to my current bf and have his children, 3) be an awesome wife and a great parent, 4) have a good home in a nice neighborhood with WIDE OPEN SPACES, 4) and just have some stability in my life..

Currently I'm a college student ( a senior) and I've been dating my current SO for four years.. we're happy and serious.. we have our ups and downs.. but we truly love each other adn we're committed to making our relationship work.. as to actual dreams that i've had, I haven't had any that I could remember in a while.. when I can remember them, they usually are very interesting.. for example, i remember my snake dreams and the situations in my life at the times of those dreams, I remember my derams in black and white or sepia, i had two dreams where i was a man making love to a woman, i've had a bunch of weird animal dreams, adn i once had a dream where i felt and saw someone choking me.. then i woke up straining to breathe.. and it was just really interesting..

in any case, I can't wait to talk to all of u abotu all of ur hopes and dreams, etc.. ttyl..


h. <3
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