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Things to do in the summer.

Summer is fast approaching, and this year, I hope to not be inside for most of it. Despite the hot hot heat, I hope to get outside, and frollick, at least at night.

Maybe I'll spend some really good quality time under the stars, just looking up and wondering how everyone I love is doing, wherever they may be.

I want to lay down on the grass, and just stare until I'm too exhausted to keep my eyes open. I want to think, amidst the sound of chirping insects, and the rush of bold wind through the leafy trees that whistle, and sing to me. That's where Ill come up with some of my greatest nighttime poetry, and my deepest thoughts. Or I'll just reflect the day in my relaxation.

Yes, this year, I anticipate summer. I won't spend the whole time sitting back, and letting time slip away from me. This year, I will spend as much time with friends as possible. I will take back the night.

This is going to be the greatest summer ever. I have so many places to visit, and be.
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